Vegetable Harvest Crates

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agricultural plastic crates

Agricultural plastic crates, Ventilated agricultural containers

Inquiry 6430
External Dimensions
600X400X300 mm
23.6X15.7X11.8 in
56 Liters
14.8 Gallon
apple crates wholesale

apple crates wholesale retaining freshness crate

Inquiry retaining freshness crate
External Dimensions
585X405X310 mm
23X15.9X12.2 in
60 Liters
15.9 Gallon
bread plastic crate

bread plastic crate pizza crate

Inquiry pizza crate
External Dimensions
630X400X124 mm
24.8X15.7X4.9 in
25 Liters
6.6 Gallon
folding vegetable crates

Folding vegetable crates,Foldable crates for groceries

Inquiry 64220
External Dimensions
600X400X220 mm
23.6X15.7X8.7 in
41 Liters
10.8 Gallon
fruit crates

fruit crates 6424

Inquiry 6424
External Dimensions
600X400X245 mm
23.6X15.7X9.6 in
48 Liters
12.7 Gallon
fruit nested box

fruit nested box 6439

Inquiry 6439
External Dimensions
600X400X390 mm
23.6X15.7X15.4 in
80 Liters
21.1 Gallon
nestable vegetable crate

nestable vegetable crate aquatic crate

Inquiry aquatic crate
External Dimensions
600X390X80 mm
23.6X15.4X3.1 in
14 Liters
3.7 Gallon
harvest bins

Plastic agricultural bins, Harvest bins for sale

Inquiry JOIN1210H810A
External Dimensions
1200X1000X810 mm
47.2X39.4X31.9 in
672 Liters
177.5 Gallon
plastic apple crates

plastic apple crates

Inquiry 641330
External Dimensions
600X410X330 mm
23.6X16.1X13 in
77 Liters
20.3 Gallon
plastic crates for vegetables

plastic crates for vegetables 1# vegetable crate

Inquiry 1# vegetable crate
External Dimensions
585X365X340 mm
23X14.4X13.4 in
60 Liters
15.9 Gallon
stackable produce crates

stackable produce crates

Inquiry 535413
External Dimensions
535X413X228 mm
21.1X16.3X9 in
42.2 Liters
11.1 Gallon
vegetable plastic crates

vegetable plastic crates 6420

Inquiry 6420
External Dimensions
600X400X200 mm
23.6X15.7X7.9 in
37 Liters
9.8 Gallon
ventilated plastic crates

Ventilated plastic crates for shrimp

Inquiry 618415
External Dimensions
618X415X180 mm
24.3X16.3X7.1 in
41 Liters
10.8 Gallon

Vegetable Harvest Crates are available in multiple sizes and styles for picking, processing and shipping small fruits and vegetables like strawberries or asparagus.

Features and Benefits

  • Stack when loaded, nest when empty for space efficiency
  • Ventilated designs for quick cooling, temperature control and drainage
  • Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F
  • Manufactured of FDA compliant materials
  • Withstands exposure to sunlight and cooling processes; resists impact and moisture; will not splinter, rot or absorb odors
  • Easy-to-clean interiors
  • Customization and identification options available
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • 100% recyclable HDPE

We provice durable harvesting & picking plastic crates, containers, and bins to cleanly and safely harvest and store your fruits and vegetables.

These Plastic Produce Crates were developed to transport produce from the field to grocery stores, They are excellent at product cooling and product protection for perishable produce. They are widely used for Produce Storage and Export.

Agricultural Plastic Crates are the best choice for storing and packing of produce during transportation and storage. As circulation is necessary in the fruits and vegetable industry, in a vented plastic crates the product can live longer, thus enhances fresh delivery to the market.

Use our harvest crates and grape crates to improve your produce quality and it is environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fruit and vegetable harvesting totes

Harvesting crates are designed for direct contact with raw food products and are suitable for fruits, vegetables and other food items.The ventilated sides and bottom of the harvesting crates allow air to be circulated, helping to keep produce fresh, vented plastic crates for sale

we also provide space age totes,Euro Containers,Foldable Crates

Our MOQ is 500 for the harvest crates