Grape harvest bins, grape harvest bins for sale


Product Model


External Dimensions

1200X1000X810 mm
47.24X39.37X31.89 in

Internal Dimensions

1120X910X660 mm
44.09X35.83X25.98 in

Folded Height

0 mm
0 in

Static Load Weight

4T T

Dynamic Load Weight

1T T


47 kg
103.62 lbs


672 Liters
177.52 Us gallon



Introducing our Grape Harvest Bins – the pinnacle of functionality and durability designed to meet the rigorous demands of grape harvesting and transportation. Crafted with the vineyard’s needs in mind, these bins are engineered to preserve the integrity of your grape harvest and simplify the logistics of the picking process.

The plastic agricultural bins are Moisture proof, mouldproof, no nails, no thorns, no pests, flaky, recyclable, safety and health, etc.

Sturdy Construction:

Our Grape Harvest Bins are built to withstand the challenges of the vineyard. Constructed from durable, food-grade plastic, these bins provide a robust and protective environment for your delicate grape clusters.

Optimal Ventilation:

The bins feature a perforated design to ensure optimal air circulation around the grapes. This ventilation promotes uniform ripening and prevents the accumulation of moisture, reducing the risk of mold or spoilage.

Generous Capacity:

With ample space to accommodate a significant grape yield, these bins are designed to streamline the harvesting process. The generous capacity minimizes the need for frequent unloading, allowing your team to focus on the harvest.

Stackable Design:

The stackable configuration of our bins optimizes storage space, both in the field and during transportation. The interlocking system ensures stability when stacked, facilitating neat and organized storage.

Easy to Clean:

Smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning and sanitizing these bins a straightforward task, maintaining the hygiene and quality of your harvest.

4-way Access
static load:
dynamic load:

Detail of this vegetable harvest container

harvest bins

harvest bins for sale

harvest bins for sale

plastic harvest bins are available in multiple sizes and styles for picking, processing and shipping small fruits and vegetables like strawberries or asparagus.