Hinged Lid Containers

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attached lid container manufacturers

attached lid container manufacturers 7457

Inquiry 7457
External Dimensions
740X570X625 mm
29.1X22.4X24.6 in
148 Liters
39.1 Gallon
attached top containers

attached top containers 500

Inquiry 500
External Dimensions
540X360X295 mm
21.3X14.2X11.6 in
41.8 Liters
11 Gallon
black plastic storage bins

black plastic storage bins 6425

Inquiry 6425
External Dimensions
600X400X250 mm
23.6X15.7X9.8 in
45.1 Liters
11.9 Gallon
container plastic storage

container plastic storage 6040-355

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External Dimensions
600X400X355 mm
23.6X15.7X14 in
62 Liters
16.4 Gallon
large plastic containers with lids

large plastic containers with lids 480

Inquiry 480
External Dimensions
550X345X210 mm
21.7X13.6X8.3 in
29 Liters
7.7 Gallon
nestable totes

nestable totes 560

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External Dimensions
600X400X315 mm
23.6X15.7X12.4 in
61.3 Liters
16.2 Gallon
plastic hinged containers small

plastic hinged containers small 395

Inquiry 395
External Dimensions
430X300X285 mm
16.9X11.8X11.2 in
29.8 Liters
7.9 Gallon
plastic moving boxes for sale

plastic moving boxes for sale 6428

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External Dimensions
600X400X280 mm
23.6X15.7X11 in
50 Liters
13.2 Gallon
plastic storage containers sale

plastic storage containers sale 700

Inquiry 700
External Dimensions
700X465X345 mm
27.6X18.3X13.6 in
80 Liters
21.1 Gallon
small bins with lids

small bins with lids 6843

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External Dimensions
680X430X320 mm
26.8X16.9X12.6 in
75 Liters
19.8 Gallon

Hinged Lid Containers in many sizes and styles for shipping, distributing,picking and storage that are designed to stack when full and nest when empty, saving up to 75% valuable storage space . Ideal for applications in distribution, grocery and general manufacturing, these containers deliver long-lasting, cost-saving performance

Features and Benefits

  • Containers nest for maximum space usage with lids open
  • Ergonomic handles for easy lifting
  • Easy-to-clean interiors
  • Injection-molded HDPE construction resists impact, moisture and most chemicals
  • Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F
  • Customization and identification options available
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • 100% recyclable

These plastic hinged lid containers with robust lids are stackable when they are closed. The recesses of the hinged lid ensure high stacking stability.With open lids, the plastic hinged containers can be stacked into one another to save space.

These distribution container with hinged lid  can be used to store inventory or household items such as holiday decoration and seasonal clothing

These heavy duty plastic containers with hinged lids come with an interlocking lid that will snap close to secure your goods and keep them dust free while in storage or in transit.

All these plastic storage containers with hinged lids can be customized in colors and are made from 100% virgin pp.our MOQ is 500,you will enjoy the factory price,and quantity discounts applied for larger orders